Manual Activation / Manual Deactivation

Manual Activation / Manual Deactivation

for DecisionTools Suite, @RISK, BigPicture, PrecisionTree, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, and Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR)

First, generate a Request File from your software as follows:

  • For versions 5.x, go to the Help menu in your software > License Activation > Manual Activation

  • For versions 6.x and 7.x, go to Help > License Manager > Activate > Use Manual Activation

  • For versions 8.x, go to @RISK > License Manager

The software will prompt you to save the Request File, which is digitally signed to ensure accuracy. Then submit the Request File via the form below.

For a video on this process, see Manual Activation Process on the Software Activation page. For help, please email

Step 1

Browse to the Request File (XML file type) on your computer.
The usual name is ConfRequest.xml, ActRequest.xml, DActRequest.xml.

Step 2

Submit the Request File to the Palisade server.